Man Repeller: Let’s Give a Little Love to J.Crew

j.crew j crew catalog 1998 man repeller sales

J.Crew catalog, Spring 1998, via Matchbook Mag.

“Had J.Crew never made a pair of high waist, cropped and flared white jeans, I never would have bought them, loved them and declared them a fixture of my summer wardrobe. They cost me $150, so were they cheap? No. But they also weren’t made cheaply — which is important. And in comparison to the designer iterations that still linger on shelves in the upper echelons of retail, they’re a steal. Not a knockoff, not unethical, not not one meal-swap of instant noodles, but worth it, because they let me participate.

Sophie Milrom once wrote for this site that if Kanye West is an esoteric, complex rapper, then Drake, who has arguably seen more commercial success, is the relatable, low common denominator of the same vertical. In that way, J.Crew is not unlike Drake. It provides an entry point for all of us. It makes it consumable.




All of the accuracy over on Man Repeller right now.


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