Raised in Michigan by a Boston native.  Educated in Manhattan.  Now I’m in Hell-A.

Trying to reconcile my neuroses, masochist tendencies, and East Coast wardrobe with this bizarre place called SoCal.

Things may get weird.

Expect unabashed bias.

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What is the wrong coast?

East Coast/West Coast

Right Coast/Left Coast

Right Coast/Wrong Coast

You get the idea.

Why is it the wrong coast?

I love seasons.

I love riding the subway.

I. Hate. Driving.

I don’t wear yoga clothes as actual clothes.

My idea of a day at the beach is drinking on or in the vicinity of a beach.

I hate juice.

LOL hiking.

Wait, I have to call a taxi?

It’s not pessimism, it’s realism.

I like equestrian boots and wool coats.  And sweaters.  Lots of sweaters.

I don’t like flip flops.

I wear SPF 50.

I’m on the wrong coast.

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