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wristwatch sales increasing ny times

Why Wrist Watches Are Still Relevant

As a kid, I never had any interest in owning a watch, and as the years went by and technology made them more and more superfluous–who needs a watch when you have a cell phone/tablet/laptop on you at all times?–I felt even less inclined to invest in one. Then I grew up and kind of […]

madewell charley boots

Birthday Month means rationalizing everything I buy.

In grad school, I started this not-uncommon annual tradition of rationalizing a purchase by classifying it as a birthday present to myself. ┬áTons of people do this. ┬áBut I tried to rationalize it even more (I shop a lot, guys), by focusing on an item I knew I’d have for a long time. Four birthdays […]

Newsflash: I’m wearing shorts.

This is real life, guys. Shorts: Zara Shoes: Aldo Tee: Free People

bunny and vogue

Bunny + Vogue

Trying to prevent Lucy from eating the September issue.