I’m Loving: LA Brand Rails

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I already named some of the stores I like in L.A., but I’m finding an increasing number of great brands the City of Angels has to offer.  And if you keep up with the Kardashians (as I obviously do…) you may have noticed various photos floating the Interwebs of Kris Jenner’s eldest spawn sporting the L.A. brand Rails, a favorite among celebrities for their take on the immortal plaid shirt.

In a matter of two days I saw approximately four photos of Kourtney Kardashian in three different Rails shirts.  Which led me to ask, WTF?  I’d love to say I’m above celeb endorsement (and until this moment, I’m pretty sure I was above Kardashian endorsement), but at the very least, I was curious–Why the huge amount of love for this brand?

celebrity style rails la clothing plaid shirts

Photos via Singer22 and ShopStyle.

But then I tried one on–their Hunter style.  And then skeptical thoughts of Kardashians were replaced with, Oh my god, what did I just put on my body–A FUCKING CLOUD?  What is this soft-yet-airy goodness?  How is it at once substantial and lightweight?  How is it the perfect oversized fit?  Why is it THE MOST FUCKING PERFECT PLAID SHIRT I’VE EVER WORN?


I’m sure I was caught up in the moment.  Or something.

Then, a credit card swipe later, I was like, fuck.

God damn it, Kourtney Kardashian.

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