Jessica Lange Named New Face of Marc Jacobs Beauty

jessica lange marc jacobs beauty

Wednesday morning, Marc Jacobs Beauty announced via Twitter that Jessica Lange is the new face of the designer’s wildly successful beauty line, providing a preview of the acclaimed actress’s campaign shoot with David Sims.  Feedback was as to be expected–incredibly positive.

marc jacobs beauty jessica lange david sims

And why wouldn’t it be?  The classic beauty, with her exquisite bone structure and natural elegance, is already considered by many to be Queen Supreme (this piece was begging for an American Horror Story reference).

Coupled with the announcement that English actress Charlotte Rampling will be the face of Nars, it would be too easy to comment on age and the recent trend of “mature” actresses starring in beauty and fashion campaigns (Diane Keaton for L’Oreal, Lauren Hutton for Lucky, that old lady for American Apparel).  And in a time and culture obsessed with youth and doing everything to preserve it, that conversation is certainly worth having.  It’s certainly refreshing and certainly necessary, to showcase faces of beauty that don’t represent a very narrow margin of the population.

Mentioning Ms. Lange’s age, as every article about the announcement has, is indicative of that conversation.  But the reality is that it’s irrelevant–beauty is beauty.  And these women–Jessica, Charlotte, and others–are some of the best examples of that weighted term, then, now, and always.

All hail the Supreme.

marc jacobs beauty jessica lange david sims

marc jacobs beauty jessica lange david sims

marc jacobs jessica lange beauty campaign david sims

marc jacobs jessica lange david sims

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