Prabal Gurung Resort 2015

prabal gurung resort 2015

Without a doubt, my favorite resort collection this year.

A simple, bold color palette grounded in blue and red, and an interesting mix of print, jacquard, and color-blocking make Prabal Gurung’s resort collection, titled “Unconditional Love” and consisting of chunky knits to floor-length gowns, a practical yet eye-catching affair.  I’ve always had a soft spot for color-blocking–as well as red and blue–but a few more prints and a touch of jacquard may be things I need to add to my closet.  Another thing to note: baby blue.  The color has been popping up everywhere lately (is it the new pale pink?), and it makes a refreshing appearance in this collection.

Smart shaping and structure make for practicality, but there is still an artistic, painting-like feel to the collection, which deftly mixes color and pattern to create looks that are at once works of art and wearable.  The prints themselves look like brushstrokes on a canvas, an apt comparison since the collection was inspired partly by artist Matthew Stone’s recent exhibition in New York; they add a delicate touch to the structure and clean lines.

No end in sight to the swooning.

prabal gurung resort 2015prabal gurung resort 2015

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All photos via Vogue.

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