Summer Trends to Love: Sheer Panels, High Necks, Birkenstocks(!), and More

It’s finally summer, which means less clothing and more skin–although, ironically, it also means restocking your wardrobe with all the requisite apparel.

Sheer Paneling

Because everyone loves playing the peekaboo game right now, but not all of us are Rihanna.


High Necks/Square Necks

The perfect way to balance out the ubiquitous crop top, not to mention a flattering way to show off those shoulders.


It took me a while to get on this bandwagon.  Alas, I’ve seen some pretty stylish Birkenstock-inspired sandals out there as of late, and I can officially say I’m a supporter.  Like much of the normcore trend, they’re not just for hippies or soccer moms anymore.  Chic prints, bold colors, and pairing with more fashion-forward pieces give Birkenstock sandals a surprisingly modern edge.

birkenstocks senso sandals

Clockwise from Bottom Left: Birkenstock, Senso, Senso

The Deep V

The plunging neckline isn’t anything new; I just had to throw it in there because duh.

The White Out

I’m loving the monochromatic white look–just don’t get near me with a glass of red wine.  Or food.  Or anything.  Actually, keep a five foot radius just to be safe.


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