Taking the Plunge with the Deep V

As a small-chested girl, I’ve always dug the deep V neckline.  And I’m not alone.

Plunging necklines were all over the runways this season–not that everything on the runways should be copied, but if there’s one thing to be learned, it’s that if you’re not showing a peek of upper torso in a cropped top, a glimpse of sideboob through a wide armhole, or good old-fashioned cleavage, you’ll be showing your breastbone in a super low neckline.  Pretty soon, there won’t be anywhere for your breasts to hide.

It should be noted that most of the times people comment on how something was “in” on the runways, I’m perplexed because I didn’t know it was ever “out.”  This is applicable to the deep V.

I’m all about decolletage–that elegant curve of neck, collarbone, and chest, reminiscent of ballerinas, impeccable posture, and a time when showing your collarbone really was the sexiest and most risque thing to do.  And since I can’t compete with some other girls in the cleavage department, that decolletage is kinda all I got in terms of chest game.  And in terms of making a statement that huge cleavage isn’t necessary to create sex appeal, a deep V is perfect because it has the potential to be the anti-cleavage.

How is that possible, you ask?  Clearly it’s never occurred to you to separate your boobs instead of pushing them together.  That, or perhaps you have less space between yours than I do.  But the deep V can sometimes be that paradoxical fashion statement that says it’s possible to show your chest without showing, er, your chest.

But don’t think this trend is just for B-cups and under.  Besides, even we A-cups have to keep things in place.  The magic of the deep V is you can control the amount of breast you actually want to show.  For breasts big and small, I suggest double-sided tape (aka fashion tape).  I know I said nipple is the new black, but I tend to think that blatant aereola is a bit much.

If you’re choosing to wear a bra, wear one with a plunge.  Depending on the item you’re wearing, you can even let a peek of lacy bra show.  Before you dismiss it as tacky, try a lacy triangle bra or bralette–Free People has a great selection that includes triangle bras with underwire if you’re looking for more support (or try the $16 triangle bras at Urban Outfitters!).  A glimpse of lace under your v-neck tee can be alluring.  As with most trends, it’s all in the execution.

So if the nipple trend is a bit much for you (boobs are so in right now, ya know?), try showing off that old decolletage.  Nothing says “sexy” like sternum, right?

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