A Brief History of the Naked Dress

Last Monday, Rihanna was awarded the coveted title of 2014 Fashion Icon by the CFDA.  Some were happy, some were not, but all of that was eclipsed by the now ubiquitous image of a practically-naked Rihanna on the red carpet at the award show.

Full disclosure: I’m not Rihanna’s biggest fan, but for reasons other than fashion choices.  But this isn’t about Rihanna so much as it is about the line between nudity and, umm, not being nude.

The dress, designed by Adam Selman, caused quite a stir–with many falling all over themselves in adoration–but Rihanna certainly is not the first to go naked on the red carpet.

Here are just a few of the ladies who beat Rihanna (poor word choice?) in saying, “I’m going to get dressed today, but I’m not going to get dressed today.”

erin wasson naked see through dress

…And Erin Wasson again. Girl just loves to bare it all.



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