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Convenience seems to be an obsession in our culture.  One-stop shopping is the way we do things (have you been to a Super Target?), and now that extends to online shopping.  Apparently, no one has time to “surf” the Web anymore; the bookmarks tab has become so twentieth century.

Now, even one-stop browsing has become a thing–ironic, considering the leisure implied in browsing.  A few weeks ago I talked about Keep, an online browsing directory for shopaholics, and this week I discovered HeartThis.  Described as a “Pinterest for shopping,” it’s much like Keep, but with a few differences.

The main thing that separates HeartThis from Keep is the latter relies primarily on following other users, while HeartThis allows you to also follow stores and categories (i.e. dresses, sweaters and tops, shoes).  It makes it much easier to browse all of you favorite stores instead of just aimlessly browsing things other people have liked (though the latter is a great way to discover new brands/designers).  No more hopping from website to website (ain’t nobody got time for that!).  Now, you can browse items from Target and Barney’s all in one feed.  How delightfully convenient.

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Also: sales.  Every store has a sale department, that corner of the room denoted with rolling racks stuffed with out-of-season styles and lonely online returns.  HeartThis is no different, having a virtual sale section where you can easily browse things from the stores or categories you follow that have been marked down from their original price.  The only things missing are the unorganized rolling rack and the smell of desperation from sweaty-palmed bargain hunters.

So, with all these window shopping sites popping up, which one will you choose?  Or do you to prefer to go with the (old-fashioned?) bookmarks tab on your browser?  Or perhaps the truly old-fashioned: actual window-shopping.

I’m all about doing things while staying home in your PJs.

PS–follow me.

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