Feeling (Baby) Blue

First mint, then pink–apparently we can’t get enough of pastels.  The latest Easter egg hue to step into the spotlight is the binary of last season’s blushing pink, and in the interest of all things soft and fluffy, I approve.  Donning baby blue will make you feel as if you’re wearing a cloud–or attending an anti-climactic baby shower.
Like past trending pastels pink and mint, baby blue goes extremely well with dark colors such as navy, black, and magenta (not to mention the persistent coral/orange), as its lightness adds contrast to an otherwise dark and stuffy outfit.  It also adds an icy cool sophistication that not all pastels bring to the table.
Being all about details, I recommend the color-block look a la the Stella McCartney cashmere sweater below, but don’t forget that accessories can do the job just as well.
Feeling (Baby) Blue

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