David Lynch Inspired Kenzo’s New Campaign

david lynch kenzo ad campaign

And weirdness ensued.

Maybe you’re not one for surrealism–maybe you didn’t get Twin Peaks and Mulholland Drive just gave you the creeps–but if you can’t appreciate the eerie awesomeness that is Kenzo’s new ad campaign, you’re pretty much bonkers.

The iconic filmmaker–who was the inspiration for the fall collection–designed the sets for Kenzo’s fall show, and they’ve returned the favor by paying him homage in their ad campaign, complete with random limbs, bright, saturated colors, and the overall feeling of displacement.

david lynch kenzo ad campaign


kenzo david lynch ad campaign

The line itself–mixing classic shapes with dark, abstract prints, and details reminiscent of a 90s film noir aesthetic–is something you’d see in the 2025 Twin Peaks remake (God forbid such a thing ever exists).

If this sounds like your jam, perhaps you’d also be interested in turning the iconic Palmer house into a touristy B&B?

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