Lykke Li + & Other Stories (Plus an American Store!)

lykke li & other stories

The past few months, I have been patiently waiting for an e-mail from the British brand & Other Stories notifying me that their U.S. online store has opened.  In the early hours of this morning, I received the message for which I had eagerly been waiting.  (Their brick and mortar American venture will open Friday in New York, but I’m not there and I’m still dealing with that fact).

I fell in love with this brand the way most people fall in love with things–via Instagram.  I quickly became addicted to scouring their beautiful site full of classic, decently-priced pieces in rich colors and materials–we’re talking cashmere sweaters, croc loafers, and outerwear that makes my heart flutter.

and other stories coat outerwear

and other stories silk dress


& other stories green studded loafers

Now, the singer and style muse Lykke Li has collaborated with the brand to produce some excellent minimalist pieces (like a mock neck cashmere turtleneck, patent leather loafers, and slim cropped pants that encapsulate my perfect outfit and which I’m currently wringing my hands trying to rationalize).  The good thing is there isn’t too much rationalizing needed–the brand’s selection is moderately priced, which is wonderful considering all of the items on the site are ones you could wear forever.  It’s a delightful intersection of classic and modern (like dark green leather oxfords with studs).

lykke li and other stories collaboration

lykke li and other stories

lykke li and other stories loafers

lykke li cashmere turtleneck and other stories

lykke li and other stories cropped trousers

In two short days, I’ll have yet another reason to visit New York.

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