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lonely lingerie sable full cup bra

I’m Loving: Lonely Lingerie

I’m a serial dater/adamant single girl who has a serious addiction to little lacy underthings.  And not because anyone is necessarily going to see them, but because I really like wearing little lacy underthings.  And I like things that don’t rely on padding and special effects to make me and my body into something we’re […]

stop telling women to smile street art mural

Stop Telling Women to Smile Hits L.A. March 12-19th

Stop Telling Women to Smile, the art series created by Brooklyn-based artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh that is quickly gaining momentum, comes to Los Angeles Wednesday. Aimed at addressing street harassment, an all too common experience for girls and women everywhere, the series utilizes the scene of the crime in the form of murals and other forms […]

the sound of music maria look at all the fucks i give

Hey, Boys: We don’t dress for you

Over the past year or so, I’ve seen the occasional article/list of things guys hate to see on women, and I always feel a mixture of anger and amusement.  The article is invariably written by a dude, a narrow-minded one who seems to think that girls dress for the sole/primary purpose of impressing guys. Boys, […]