I’m Loving: Lonely Lingerie

lonely lingerie sable full cup bra

I’m a serial dater/adamant single girl who has a serious addiction to little lacy underthings.  And not because anyone is necessarily going to see them, but because I really like wearing little lacy underthings.  And I like things that don’t rely on padding and special effects to make me and my body into something we’re not.

lonely lingerie seon

Sometimes lingerie is about wanting to feel sexy for yourself.  And sometimes (a lot of times) it’s not about sex at all.  Sometimes it’s about lightness, delicacy, and femininity, or being edgy, raw, powerful.

As the brand’s Instagram states, Lonely Lingerie is “for women who wear lingerie as a love letter to themselves.”

Do you really need any more than that?

lonely lingerie

PS–check out the Lonely Girls Project on Tumblr.  I promise, it’s better than a Victoria’s Secret catalog.

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