I’m Loving: New York Brand Dolores Haze

dolores haze clothing spring summer 2014

Youth, beauty, innocence (and innocence lost) are all themes of this New York label that brings its own retro twist to the scene.  Named for the titular character in Lolita, and drawing much of its inspiration from the 1997 French-American film adaptation of the classic Nabokov novel, there are simultaneous hints of mischief and naivete in each look from the fashion line, appropriate considering the inspiration.

dolores haze spring 2014

dolores haze spring 2014 dress

While the Spring 2014 collection veers toward the innocence and playfulness of summer, the Fall 2014 collection shows an edgier side, pairing school girl plaids with leather and dark lipstick.  I love plaid, leather, and dark lipstick, but what I love even more is contrast.  Also: retro.  Think mod silhouettes and cat-eye sunglasses.

Thanks to Seen Heard Known for bringing this NYC designer to my attention last Fall.

dolores haze fall 2014 plaid jacket

dolores haze fall 2014 plaid dress

dolores haze fall 2014 check dress

dolores haze fall 2014 crop top

dolores haze fall 2014 pleated plaid dress


All photos via Dolores Haze.

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