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Pajama chic trend

I ignored the pajama trend at first because I figured it was initiated by chic stay-at-home moms.  Or something.  Back in January, I came about thisclose to buying a silk shirt that resembled pajamas and decided against it because surely that couldn’t actually be a lasting thing?!

But I was wrong.  I understand the pajama shirt because, really, it’s just a silk shirt, right?  RIGHT?  And when slips as dresses became a thing last year, I was on board.  Now it’s also pajama pants.  The currently ubiquitous smoking slipper is evidence of the growing trend of not wanting to get out of bed.

It sounds great, right?  The idea of wearing comfy PJs while out and about has its appeal–people wouldn’t wear sweatpants in public if it didn’t.  But I feel like if I tried to wear PJs in public, instead of it being liberating, it would just end up being something akin to Rebecca Harrington’s experience, which she wrote about in April.  I would know I’m wearing pajamas, and therefore my state of mind would be as such–lazy and unmotivated.  And maybe a little guilty.

However, this is a trend that people in LA can get behind.  They love to be casual, and nothing says casual like pajamas.  But, like most trends, there are rules.

1.  Material.  Remember, we’re not talking about sweatpants (though we soon may be).  We’re talking about lightweight silk/chambray/wool pants or shorts, not those fleece ones you used to wear to your 8 am class in college.  Yes, I know they’re comfortable.  No, you can’t wear them to dinner, unless you’re going to a dorm cafeteria.

2.  Print.  I have these really comfortable, silky, bright blue PJ pants with cows on them, but the only time I’ve ever worn them outdoors is when my friend demanded everyone arrive in pajamas for her public birthday brunch.  It was unsettling.

3.  Moderation.  Harrington wore full pajama sets everyday she experimented with this trend.  I’m sure you could totally wear those blue silk pants and shirt with the white piping with your maroon suede smoking loafers, but you want people to believe you actually took a shower this morning.  You want to believe you took a shower this morning.  Balance it out.  I’m sure Rihanna can get away with wearing a full pajama set in public, but just remember YOU ARE NOT RIHANNA.  Wear a silk PJ top with skinny jeans and the smoking slippers.  Or just the pants.

Or, ya know, whatever, just throw all caution to the wind and go for it.  Bed head is back in style (which I’m actually super pumped about), so toss the flat iron and face the day looking like you’re totally unprepared to face the day!

Photo courtesy of Glamour.

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