Open-Toe Booties are Like the Vests of Feet

Alexander Wang Cutout booties

This fall is being dominated by two types of shoes–the smoking slipper and the cutout/open-toe boots.

Let me start by saying I like both of them.  If something looks good, it looks good–I won’t question the function of it, because really, it’s fashion and at a certain point its function is solely to make you look good (and those Alexander Wang ones pictured are fucking perfect).

Except I’m lying about questioning it–because, like, how could you not?–and I am going to point out that boots that show parts of your feet are kind of not like boots, right?  Boots are supposed to, like, protect you from the elements and all that?

It’s a perfect trend for warmer climates like LA, because we don’t have elements; we get to combine the obligatory Fall boot with the indigenous sandal, and we don’t need to take that fifth (-teenth) look in the mirror to make sure they don’t look stupid with tights once the weather gets cold (because it won’t–not that cold, anyway).

This is a good compromise for me–someone who loves boots and cold-weather clothing–because I live in LA and while we do wear boots, we still have plenty of HOT weather ahead, and my feet don’t need to be sweating prunes at the end of the day.  Although they probably still will be.

So, at what point do booties just become elaborate sandals?

Sleep on it, cause it’s a mind-bender.


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