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j crew leather sleeve top in stripe

Things I’m Craving This Fall: Green, Moto, Leather, and Cutout

It’s still hot as Hell in SoCal, so I’m actually just craving temperatures that allow me to be fully clothed.  Not the ideal atmosphere for a girl who’s addicted to sweaters. But cool weather or not, here are the things I’m eyeing as we head into my favorite season. 1. Dark Green Fall’s color palette […]

Givenchy sheath boot

Knee-high Sheath Boots: Or, Chaps

Coincidence? Ok, it’s a stretch.  But when I first started seeing knee-high sheath boots about a year ago, I was for some reason immediately struck by images of horses.  Recently, with the Fall approaching, I’ve seen them pop up again.  I scoured the Internet because I was certain that I had, in fact, seen something similar on a horse […]

madewell charley boots

Birthday Month means rationalizing everything I buy.

In grad school, I started this not-uncommon annual tradition of rationalizing a purchase by classifying it as a birthday present to myself.  Tons of people do this.  But I tried to rationalize it even more (I shop a lot, guys), by focusing on an item I knew I’d have for a long time. Four birthdays […]

Alexander Wang Cutout booties

Open-Toe Booties are Like the Vests of Feet

This fall is being dominated by two types of shoes–the smoking slipper and the cutout/open-toe boots. Let me start by saying I like both of them.  If something looks good, it looks good–I won’t question the function of it, because really, it’s fashion and at a certain point its function is solely to make you […]