Things I’m Craving This Fall: Green, Moto, Leather, and Cutout

It’s still hot as Hell in SoCal, so I’m actually just craving temperatures that allow me to be fully clothed.  Not the ideal atmosphere for a girl who’s addicted to sweaters.

But cool weather or not, here are the things I’m eyeing as we head into my favorite season.

1. Dark Green

zara funnel neck green dress

Fall’s color palette is one of my favorite things about the season.  The hunter greens, burnt oranges, and rich browns all match the mood and the scenery perfectly.  Though green is my favorite color in general, it was never a color I wore a lot; I don’t think green is a color anyone really wears a lot.  But since I’m trying–have been trying for the past five years, and failing miserably–to branch out from my obsession with navy, dark green seems like an appropriate alternative.  I think the fashion world agrees, because it’s been surprisingly easy to fall in love with green this year.

Zara Funnel Neck Dress

2. Leather Details

j crew leather sleeve top in stripe

Because, like, duh.  The small bits of leather on basic tees are that extra detail that is the sartorial way of saying, “I’m a badass, but let’s not make a big deal about it.”  Just make sure it doesn’t look cheap, which is too easy to do when it’s not real leather (and even sometimes when it is)–it should enhance the article of clothing, not the opposite.

J Crew Leather-Sleeve Striped Top

3. Moto Pants

bcbg max azria maddock moto legging

My dad used to take me for rides on his Harley, so that totally makes me legit, guys.  I’m still on the hunt for the ideal pair–not based on style, because I’ve found plenty that I love, but fit.  Leather/faux leather can be tricky.

BCBG Max Azria Maddock Moto Legging

4. Cut-out Boots

jeffrey campbell melina cutout boot

I live in L.A. and don’t need to think about protecting my feet from the elements.

Jeffrey Campbell Melina Cutout Booties

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