Knee-high Sheath Boots: Or, Chaps

knee high givenchy sheath boots horse boots


Ok, it’s a stretch.  But when I first started seeing knee-high sheath boots about a year ago, I was for some reason immediately struck by images of horses.  Recently, with the Fall approaching, I’ve seen them pop up again.  I scoured the Internet because I was certain that I had, in fact, seen something similar on a horse at some point in my life.  Alas, I couldn’t find what I was looking for, but I did find many pictures of interesting people wearing chapsMaybe that was it.

No, no…I’ve definitely seen a horse wearing those.

There are many equine-inspired looks out there–cowboy boots, equestrian boots, riding pants, etc.  There should probably be some sort of line we draw.  Although, as I’m writing this, I can’t be totally sure that this look was consciously inspired by horses.  It could have just been horribly misguided.

I know the effect of these boots isn’t drastically different from pairing boots with a flared or bootcut jean, but that being said, maybe you should just pair your boots with a flared or bootcut jean.

Lastly, I know some are calling them “foldover” boots, but is anyone buying that your boots are intended to be worn up to your vagina?

Photos courtesy of Saks and Something About Horses.

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