Suzy Barrett Hates California

I’m not sure why no one brought these videos to my attention before, and I’m even more perplexed that I didn’t find them myself, but Suzy Barrett‘s Funny or Die video series “I Hate California” is perfect.

Beaches are, like, so overrated. In addition to “mermaid pasta” and the “unreasonable amount of serenity,” there’s also just flat out “nothing to do” at the beach. I’m being facetious, but I’m also not being facetious. (Beaches really bore me, aside from, ya know, the “natural beauty.” And stuff).

Ditto camping. I’m more of an indoor gal. And not because I’m high-maintenance–I know I run a fashion blog, but I’m surprisingly (maybe disgustingly) low-maintenance, and I’m glad someone made an ode to the anti-camper that isn’t from the perspective of a girl who can’t survive without her flat iron.

“I wanna do like a reverse Henry David Thoreau and just go into a house.”

My thoughts exactly, gurl.

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