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I thought we had already done the whole 90s grunge thing a couple years ago–and, ya know, in the 90s.  But I was working for Urban Outfitters at the time of this supposed revival, so I may just be confused.

I know the angsty Seattle rocker look never really left the West Coast in general, but it seems that the 90s are once again having a moment.  And I’m maybe kind of having a difficult time with it.

What can I say?  As a child of the 90s, I don’t dig 90s fashion.  And I’ve tried.  I eagerly read Refinery29’s advice on how to wear the grunge trend in a “non-angsty way,” seeing the headline and thinking, God, yes, point me in the direction of something that doesn’t resemble an episode of My So-Called Life!  And then I was disappointed to find exactly what I see in most examples of grunge: the combination of multiple grunge trademarks to create an overall look that is the picture of a cliche.  It’s as if you’re actually trying to look like you’re from the 90s instead of taking the trends and making them your own.

I love plaid–and flannel.  I love oversized knits more than most things,  I love floral.  I love slips.  But there is something so particular about grunge, so adolescent in its assembly, that it just doesn’t work for me.  I see the combination of a velvet dress with ditsy floral leggings and patent leather Doc Martens and think, So, what grade is she in?

And then I remember why I hate grunge.  Aside from the overzealous combination of grunge pieces, the trend itself seems…immature.  It seems like someone who’s not only trying to figure out her fashion sense but trying to figure out her life and who she is.  Maybe My So-Called Life has something to do with that perspective.

But I already did all of (some of) that.  I may not have my life completely figured out, but I know who I am, and I know my fashion sense.  And it’s not ditsy floral with two different plaids.

What I can get on board with?  Mixing in one or two of those pieces at a time.  And styling them in a way that’s relaxed and introspective, yet doesn’t make you look like a moody high school sophomore.  I know it might smell like teen spirit, but it’s OK to dress like you’re an adult.

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