You know you’re an adult when…

You no longer think it’s worth it to shop at Forever 21 (and kind of question how you ever thought it was).

You’re starting to see that H&M is really just Forever 21 with better branding, and you’ve stopped trying to understand the hype.

Your idea of what’s “sexy” has evolved (and there’s less skin-bearing involved).

You understand how wearing your correct size can make you look so much better than squeezing into a size just for vanity’s sake.

You’d rather save your money for quality (see #1).

You actually kind of envy the girls who had to wear uniforms to school–because blazers, oxfords, loafers, and plaid seem totally chic to you now.

You’ve stopped sitting on your high horse and judging people for taking selfies, yet you still see #selfiesunday as a sign of the impending apocalypse.  (And you’re a little worried that a generation raised on selfies is going to one day run the world).

You’ve learned to buy in outfits and not just trendy pieces.

You blame anything you bought in Abercrombie or Hollister in middle school on the fact that the lights were too dim.

You find yourself appreciating your grandma’s style more and more.

You no longer feel the need to wear make-up everyday, and going without it doesn’t bother you–in fact, going without it feels kinda nice.

Starbucks is nice and all, but there are a lot of coffee places out there that are so much better.

You’ve learned the necessary ability to window shop (go self-control!).

You’ve learned the difference between being well-dressed and being a slave to trends/buying designer things/buying expensive things.

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