Bag Lust: UK Luxury Brand Smythson

smythson eliot large tote venetian red

When it comes to bags, I buy one that I love and use it until it breaks or just can’t hold up anymore.  And when it does, it’s sad, but also rewarding–if it lasted a long time.  It inspires the feeling that it was loved and worn and had a good run.  I’m not into buying quality bags (or quality anything) only to have it sit in my closet 99% of the time, although, all too often, this does end up happening.

So when my black shoulder bag broke last month (R.I.P.), I was devastated.  I carry that purse everywhere, and it’s held up remarkably well for how modest a price I paid.  Alas, when something like this happens, the sadness over its demise is quickly met with a surge of excitement when I realize that this means I have an excuse to buy a new bag.

Right now I’m lusting after the UK brand Smythson (I guess I kinda have a thing for UK brands lately).  They recently launched their Eliot Collection, rich in simplicity, deep colors, tactile indulgence, and versatility.  I mean, pouches so chic they can be anything from an iPad cover to a clutch?  Come on, people.

smythson eliot large pouch dove grey
I love the minimalism, the look of obvious quality, and the style mixed with utility.  Soft, supple leather and smooth nubuck–not to mention accessories in pony and python–make my heart quicken (so does that prussian blue, in all of its bright, rich uniqueness).  Also, their large tote in midnight blue and black is proof that more and more people this year are kicking grandma’s style rules to the curb with the black and blue trend.
smythson large tote bag midnight blue and black
smythson eliot tote prussia blue
There’s something really chic (and financially justifiable) about a bag’s ability to offer function and versatility in combination with style and luxury.  Not to mention that here in the U.S., Smythson stands out among the same ubiquitous brands and logos (and who doesn’t love that?).
 smythson eliot mini tote black
smythson eliot collection classic clutch pony midnight blue
smythson eliot anniversary envelope clutch
P.S.–They also have a diary collection that, as a writer, makes me enormously happy.  Spiral notebooks and journals are great and they get the job done, but nothing says “I’m a serious writer” like a Venetian red goatskin journal!

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