Fake It Til You Make It: Faux Fashion Logos

miley cyrus feline sweater faux logo

Can’t afford Hermes?  Lusting after Celine? Don’t care about either, but like to make tacky attempts at humor?  Don’t worry, guys!  You can just buy a clothing item with a label that pokes fun at the established fashion houses.

Buying fakes used to be a faux pas, but by buying items that say things like Homies, Celfie, Feline, Radarte, and Ain’t Laurent (so clever!), you’re calling your own bluff and taking the ammo away from those snooty fashionistas.  You’re making fake, cool.

That being said, let’s be clear–it’s not the fakeness that bothers me (I may be a snob, but I’m not that snobby), and it’s obvious those logos are in no way attempting to be genuine.  It’s just stupid.

Normally I’m all for cheeky tees and sweatshirts–that graphic trend is in right now–and irony is something that does attract me.  But for some reason, I can’t get on board with the fake fashion logo trend that has permeated the retail scene.  It may just be because I haven’t been overly impressed with the cleverness of any I’ve seen so far.  And maybe because it looks like something I’d see on a 16 year-old who fancies herself witty.  (It’s the latter).

erin wasson faux logo comme des fuckdown glamour

Perhaps the only exception is the Commes des Fuckdown logo by SSUR–the original faux logo, and the only one that I kind of think pulls off the right amount of tongue-in-cheek.  This is most likely for only two reasons: it was around before I was being bombarded by all the other faux logos out there, and I’m a sucker for the word ‘fuck.’  It’s here I should point out that the true irony lies in my opinion that using the word ‘fuck’ on clothing is the least tacky of the faux logos.  See?  I’m not too big of a snob.

Alas, to each their own.

I promise I’ll try to hide my sneer at your Purrmes sweater with a cat on it.

Photos via Glamour.

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