An Ode to the Ballet Flat

audrey hepburn deer ballet flats

Ballet flats–you are classic, quietly assured, effortlessly chic (that overused term), ladylike, and unassuming.  And comfortable to boot.  You’re the refuge we girls seek from the notion that femininity requires heels and aching feet–quite literally, as you sometimes accompany us in our purses on those late nights when our urge to be comfortable overcomes our urge to impress.

Low vamps or high, you let us elongate petite feet or flatter longer feet.  (Thanks for the not-super-low vamps, for those of us actual ballet dancers who have less-than-attractive feet and oh-so-gruesome bunions that need not be exposed).  You can be casual or dressed up–and because you go with everything, you’re frequently beat up due to constant use.  You put up with a lot, ballet flats.  But even when we turn to more flashy fare for our feet, we always come back, grateful, to your dependability (which is why we don’t mind spending lots of cash on you).

You’re timeless.  You’re low-maintenance.  I’ll wear you next year, and in twenty years, and in fifty years.  And I want you in every color, like, ever.

Listed below are some of my favorites–I’ve tried many over the years–in addition to the ones pictured above (can you ever really beat Repetto, whose Brigdet Bardot flat pays homage to the star who made their shoes so famous?)

American Apparel Leather Ballet Flat.  Thanks for making a flat with a vamp that sits a bit higher–just enough to cover up those unflattering features of, ahem, actually being a ballet dancer.

J Crew Kiki Ballet Flats.  The slightly higher vamp and the tapered toe of the Kiki flats elongate and flatter the foot–and the teeny heel gives a little boost.  But If you’re looking for a super-low vamp for all that toe cleavage, try their Classic Leather Ballet Flats.

Bloch Prima Ballerina Ballet Flats.  Another flat by an actual dance apparel company, which of course means you can’t go wrong.  Flexible with an oh-so-soft suede lining.

Sam Edelman Felicia Ballet Flat.  The little extra padding makes these flexible and surprisingly durable ballet flats probably the most comfortable pair you’ll ever wear.

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