That Mid-Twenties Wardrobe Overhaul

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A lot of things happen when you hit your mid-twenties.

You start staying in more nights of the week than you go out (and your definition of “going out” changes); three beers will give you a headache the next day; you start to recognize the value/necessity of exercise–and budgeting; and you find yourself uttering the phrase “I’m old” to an annoying degree.

But, as lost as you may feel in life–you’re supposed to be a grown-up and know what you want and be successful and stable and awesome–you also feel kind of OK because you’re a little closer to achieving that all-important thing you’ve been craving since middle school: knowledge and understanding of who you are.

You’re a little less apologetic, a lot more confident, and in general just DGAF about stuff that, quite honestly, doesn’t deserve it.

But with this new confidence and self-actualization comes a new understanding of your personal style.  Suddenly, you open up your closet and realize that while you have a ton of cheap and trendy tops and blouses, you don’t have anything you can use to assemble multiple outfits.  You also realize you actually need going out clothes that aren’t meant for clubs or college bars.

I’ve recently begun to notice little things that are telling me I’m slowly but surely becoming an adult, and my desire to ditch about half my closet is one of them.  I’m not saying there isn’t any room for those fun, trendy, superfluous purchases–they serve a purpose, not the least of which being they’re mood boosters–but they’ll quickly wear out their welcome.  I’m simply saying that by the time you’ve accepted adulthood, you should also accept that your wardrobe should be as reliable as you are.

There are some things every girl should own by the time she reaches her mid-twenties.

A black blazer.

Because it can make quite literally any outfit seem more put together.

A navy blazer.

I know there aren’t really any color rules anymore, but let’s cover all the bases.

At least one white oxford shirt.

Because, duh.

A black dress.

Preferably one that’s not too dressy to be worn on few other occasions than a wedding.

A silk button-up (or 2, or 3…or more).

There’s literally no way you can go wrong with this.  Yes, I said LITERALLY.

A loose cashmere sweater that can be dressed up or dressed down.

The cashmere part is flexible, but amid your various knits, you should have at least one nice wool sweater that can be layered and is versatile.  Men’s sweaters actually work really well for this, but loose is in for women now, so you should have plenty to choose from.

A real leather jacket.

Unless you’re Hindi or vegan or something, let’s cut it out with the fake stuff and invest in something you’ll truly love (and probably keep forever).  However, there are still quality non-leather options to choose from, if leather/expensive isn’t your thing right now.

A statement coat.

As long as you have a go-to coat, who cares what you have on underneath?

A loose cardigan.

Don’t even pretend you’re not going to throw it on over everything.

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