I’m Loving: The Orphan’s Arms

the orphan's arms tea for two baggy sweatshirt cotton sweater

In what seems to be a never-ending accidental discovery of British brands, I’m currently in love with a little brand whose uniqueness and whimsical sensibility is so utterly English, so completely nerdy and ominous, it’s a wonder I didn’t find them until now.

the orphan's arm tea herringbone oversize tee

Founded in 2010 by two dudes in East London, The Orphan’s Arms exudes a dark romanticism rooted in English literature, history, and whimsy.  Add a touch of feminist idealism and ominous imagery, and you have the makings of an interesting brand.

the orphan's arms tees le mystere the devil

the orphan's arms tees frankenstein oscar wilde

It’s difficult for me to resist a brand whose pieces so clearly call out to me on a personal level; you can empathize if you are also one of those girls who has dog-eared, notated copies of Alice in Wonderland and The Picture of Dorian Gray on her bookshelf–especially if those books sit among copies of Frankenstein, Dracula, and books about serial killers.  And if you see a white rabbit on quite literally anything and immediately wonder if it’s a reference to the Lewis Carroll classic.

the orphans arms tees head girl follow white rabbit

the orphan's arms tote bags keep no husbands

They have pieces at varying price points (head here for outlet merch, including some of the items posted above), and the prices are too attractive to not want to hop on down that rabbit hole.

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