Coachella 2014: What Did We Learn?

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Photo via POPSUGAR.

Coachella, the music festival that started out fairly popular and blew up into a cultural phenomenon/beacon of basic-ness (props to this Basic Bitches’ Guide to Coachella for keeping it real), is like that tropical vacation/cruise you take with your family every few years;  It’s the only time your dad ever wears a Hawaiian shirt, and you say nothing because it’s a cruise and, well, when in Rome, right?  And because he bought your ticket.

Something about Coachella (and music festivals in general) inspires people to dress atypically.  And by atypically, I mean in a way that exemplifies cultural appropriation.  The irony is that everyone pretty much dresses the same.  There’s an emphasis on hippy culture and ambiguous tribal imagery, and about 25% of festival-goers actually think they’re at a rave (easy mistake in L.A.).

Here are some things we’ve learned over the years, evidence that cultural appropriation is cool when music and drugs are involved:

Not only are flower crowns acceptable, but size doesn’t matter.  If you want to wear what equates to a Polynesian headdress, go for it.  (For some reason, my friends really resent me for naming this one).

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Photo via E! Online.

Crop tops: The higher, the better–beer belly be damned.  (Same rule applies to your state of mind).

Fringe & crochet like your life depends on it.

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Photos via E! Online and POPSUGAR.

If you’re not rolling, you’re doing it wrong.

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Photo via Examiner.

Long peasant skirts: The most skin you’ll be covering all weekend.

If you only know the lyrics to that one song, it’s totes OK, because apparently 75% of the audience also only knows the lyrics to that one song.

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Photo via Billboard.

AZTEC PRINT EVERYTHING.  Or go big, bold, and offensive with a Native American headdress.

coachella fashion 2014 aztec tribal print

Photo via LAist.

Face paint/adornment, such as a Bindi.  Is this offensive?  Probably.  Maybe.  We don’t know.

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Photo via The Guardian.

If it’s not on Instagram, it didn’t happen/If it’s not on a style blog, your outfit didn’t happen.

coachella 2014 fashion bloggers song of style the blonde salad

Ubiquitous fashion bloggers Song of Style and The Blonde Salad via Fashion Cognoscente.

Don’t wear neon unless you’re really looking to expose your basic-ness.

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Photo via Vice.

I’m thankful to friends and blogs and Instagram accounts for all of this valuable info so that if I ever choose to pony up the money to be hammered, high, and half-naked in the desert, I’ll know exactly what to buy and can look forward to a tax-deductible receipt from Goodwill in the week after my return.

For more of a peek at Coachella fashion trends, head to POPSUGAR.  There’s nothing like Coachella to serve as my annual reminder that I’m on the wrong coast–and I say that with love.

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Photo via LA Weekly.

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