Paradise Lost: New Zoe Karssen and Everlane

new zoe karssen and everlane

This week is good for two reasons.  I’m sure if you’re going back to school, that isn’t one of them, but at least you have Fall, my favorite of the seasons, to look forward to.  Fall itself brings two pieces of goodness, the first being Halloween, and the second being sweaters.  Actually, in order of importance, the first might be sweaters.

Let’s start with Zoe Karssen’s new collection for the sake of chronology.  Zoe Karssen’s cheeky tees always mix the ironic with the whimsical, and while some are a little too cheesy for me, some are just the right amount of tongue-in-cheek.  Yesterday the designer’s Fall/Winter collection “Paradise Lost” was released on her webshop, and I was pleased to see that while there are plenty of new things, there are some updated things she brought back.

Remember when Blair of Atlantic-Pacific posted a pic of herself in Zoe Karssen’s Creme de la Creme sweater and it subsequently sold out everywhere?  I do, because I was one of the ones who tried to get my hands on it.  It’s back, and it’s hard to tell from the picture, but based on the measurements and the fact it’s available in XXS, it seems to be a little more of an oversized fit, which I love.  Added to the mix are is a cool variation on the sweater that incorporates cut-off, rolled sleeves, something I can appreciate in the current SoCal heat.

I’m into the updated Paradise Lost motif.  Zoe Karssen previously had a tee that displayed that title, but it was underwhelming compared to this.  There’s the obligatory loose-fit boyfriend tee, which I feel like I have to stay away from only because I CAN’T SEEM TO STAY AWAY FROM THEM.  I’m personally digging that cut-off roll-sleeve sweatshirt.  But the piece I’ll be coveting is the wool, silk, and cashmere short-sleeve knit.

Also in the vein of sweater weather is Everlane’s unveil of the seed stitch sweater today.  I’m a fan of the slight boatneck because nothing’s more flattering than a peek of clavicle (I’m being serious); I’m also liking the oversize raglan fit (there are actually two fits to choose from!) and the thin, lightweight knit.  (They advertise the sweater as being perfect all year round, which basically means it was made for my sweater addict self).  I love heavy knits, but as I’m writing this, it’s 93 degrees and I’m sweating my ass off.  In all honesty, I”m excited for my visit to Michigan next month so I can finally wear the J Crew merino swing sweater I purchased a month ago.

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