It’s a Plaid, Plaid, Plaid World

plaid fashion trend 2013, theory pants, zara dress, madewell jacket

(I bet I’m totally the first person to use that wordplay, right?)

Tartan plaid is doing its best to edge out Spring’s windowpane trend for Fall, but I think the two can share the season.  Plaid is something I saw enough of as a kid (I had a kilt!), and now I’m falling in love with it all over again.  And I’m not alone.

The phrase “plaid pants” sounds like something I’m going to regret in ten years, yet I can’t stop lusting after them.  I think the reason I’ve been so afraid of them in years past is because too many people let fit go by the wayside, and the result is very distracting and unflattering.

Maybe it’s my Irish and Scottish heritage or my inherent love for green, but I needed a pair of dark green plaid ankle trousers in my closet, like, yesterday.

And a dark plaid dress.  Thanks.

Zara Checked Dress.

Madewell All-Weather Plaid Coat.

Theory Fia Plaid Pants.  Check out a bargain version by Ann Taylor Loft.

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